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Fostering cats/kittens long term or short term*: We really NEED foster homes!!! Fostering is a great opportunity to provide a safe and loving environment for a cat or kitten during their wait for a fur-ever home. A foster home helps cats adjust to the presence of people and the sounds and activities of a home.

Socializing cats/kittens long term or short term*: Socializing takes a bit more work...if you are up  for a challenge than this is the thing for you! These are cats that show adoption potential but are frightened  from their past history or just shy and need to become a bit more trusting of people so they can be adopted.

*Part of fostering/socializing is that you will need to provide food and litter for the cat. (Please let us know if you are not financially be able to do so as we will see if we can make arrangements).

Purchasing and Transporting Supplies (driving required)We have a lot of kitties in foster homes...that means we always need lots of food and litter and sometimes other cleaning supplies. The litter could get heavy, so someone would need to be capable of carrying heavy items. Money will be provided to purchase these items.

Doing the Laundry: With many kitties comes many blankets and beds. We like to keep them fresh and clean so our babies are comfortable. We usually have multiple bags that need to go to the laundromat. Money and detergent will be provided for the machines. (we do not recommend you using your own washer and dryers due to the amount of hair)

Fund-raising and Event Planning: Caring for many cats and kittens is not cheap....We depend on  money raised from our fund raisers to keep us going. This is not an everyday or weekly task...we try to do 3-4 events a year. We need creative and ambitious people that can think of new ways for us to raise money and coordinate an event.

Grant Writing (Experience required): We need an experienced  person to find and apply to the appropriate grants that are offered to animal welfare organizations. It is important to know the target and to be able to fine tune the language appropriately.

At Adoption/Fundraising Events: During the warm months, we try to participate in as many weekend adoption events as possible. At these events we usually bring a few lucky kitties and sell Courageous Cats merchandise and other assorted items, in an effort to raise money that goes back to the care of all our rescued cats. Volunteers are always needed at these events to help out. Check out our EVENTS section and contact us if you can help out ^..^