Hannah and Fred, 2 very Courageous Cats!

Hi, my name is Fred and this is my sister, Hannah. I’m orange and white and Hannah is what they call a diluted calico. I’m about 5 years old and my sister is about 6… or at least that’s what the doctor thinks. You see, our human mommy is no longer around to tell us. About a year ago, she died suddenly at home and we didn’t know what to do. A nice neighbor found her a day later. We were very scared. The nice lady fed us because we were REALLY hungry. She came every day to give us food, but then they had to take us out of our home and put us in foster care. Our Courageous Cats foster-mommy is really nice, but she can’t keep us forever. The doctor says we are healthy, that we are FIV and Leukemia negative... I guess negative is a good thing! Hannah and I would like to stay together because we’re family and we take care of each other. We will be affectionate and loving to you too, once you get to know us. 

I hope that someone will give us another chance at a happy life! If you think you might like to bring us into your family, please contact our friends at Courageous Cats (courageouscats@yahoo.com). We would love to meet you in person!

Thank you for listening to our story…

Xoxo… Fred and Hannah